GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Wine lovers have long appreciated the extra time that goes into aging fine wines. Now, the same approach is being embraced for some cocktails. These barrel aged cocktails have just been introduced at the St. Paul Grill.

"What makes these cocktails unique is that we've has been barrel-aging the ingredients together for each of these cocktails for 45 days," explains Michael Lee, The St. Paul Grill's General Manager.

"There are not many bars in the Midwest doing this right now and we believe our customers will love the end result." The cocktails are being aged in Medium Charred American White Oak barrels from the Thousand Oaks Barrel Company from Manassas, Virginia.

The St. Paul Grill will be offering two highly unique cocktails - A 10 oz. Birdbath, Barrel Aged Manhattan $15.00 and a 10 oz. Birdbath Barrel Aged Sidecar for $15.00.

In addition to the two barrel-aged cocktail offerings, The St. Paul Grill will be featuring 200 bottles of Fluid Dynamics barrel-aged mixed drinks in gift sets for $50.00.

For more information or reservations, please call The St. Paul Grill at 651-224-7455.

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