MINNEAPOLIS - There's a social media effort to grant the dying wish of a young girl with leukemia.Jane Fiemeyeris a big fan of a Nickelodeon band from Minnesota, Big Time Rush, and her wish is to see them. The eight-year-old will leave the hospital and enter hospice care on Wednesday, September 5th.

Doctors say Jane has anywhere from days to week...maybe live. That time frame makes it tough for Make a Wish to fulfill her dream of meeting the boy band. However, Jane is getting help on social media. It's a big time wish and Jane has a lot of people behind her.

Her mother spread the wish on facebook, which spread to Twitter where thousands of people are now tweeting the #BTRmeetJane.

Jane was diagnosed with leukemia back in August of 2011 and has been in and out of hospitals since.

On Wednesday,she's headed home to Wadena to begin hospice care.

Big Time Rush is on tour right now and the band does have upcoming stops in Michigan and Illinois.

Jane's family would be thrilled if they somehow fit in an extra stop to Minnesota.

"As a mom you do whatever you can to make your children's wishes come true. I think any parent, that's just what we do and I put it out to people who love her and do whatever I can to make her wishes come true. I'm trying to fit a lifetime of wishes in a shorter time frame and this is one that she's expressed to me that's important, " said Jil Fiemeyer, Jane's mother.

In the meantime, Jane's leaving her own legacy by selling wallets and bags made out of duct tape. So far she's raised $850 and all of the money goes to children's cancer research.