ST. PAUL, Minn. -- A St. Paul family held a vigil Wednesday nightfor 19-year-old Mark Henderson whowas shot and killed last week by bullets fired by police and a suspect in a standoff at a Woodbury hotel.

Henderson was trying to escape the hotel room where he and at least 11 others were being held hostage by 25-year-old Demetrius Ballinger when he was shot.

Police say they fired on Henderson because they thought he had a weapon and wouldn't do as police were ordering; at the same time Ballinger was firing from inside the hotel room.

On Wednesday, Henderson's family and friends gathered outside of his home to remember him.

"What has happened to my brother was tragic and it's still unbelievable to me to this day. Sometimes I wish I could rewind the hands of time and go back to the day when we were kids, with a dream, and didn't have a worry in the world. My heart goes out to his family," friend Lawrence Phillip said.

Ballinger, the man who held the people in the room hostage, is in jail and charged with 27 felonies.

The officers involved in the shooting are on paid leave from the department.