MINNETONKA, Minn. - The moment David Holmes drove up the driveway of the home he would eventually buy in Minnetonka, he knew one thing.

That driveway would make a perfect canvas for a work of art someday.

Six years later the Twin Cities artisthas turned that moment of recognition into a classic re-creation, a giant chalkredux of the Mona Lisa.

And how about this... it only took himfour hours to complete.

Holmes, a painterby trade, says he did the driveway piecesimplyfor the enjoyment of his neighbors and his own amusement. He is known fordoing things like this around his yard and neighborhood to keep things "interesting."

Traffic has increased a bit in the day since the chalk Ms. Lisa has been complete. Cars are slowing down, even backing up for a driver doubletake, kids are yelling out their bus windows, all reactions to something that catches their eye and makes them laugh.

He tells KARE 11 that his motivation is to see people take away"the enjoyment of seeing something unexpected and creative in their lives."

Mission accomplished.