GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - International Horticulture and Agricultureexperts come together everycouple ofyearsand this year Heidi Heiland of Heidi's Lifestyle Gardens had the opportunity to travel to the Netherlands to seesome international trends.

A highlight was the bi-annual Begonia carpet event in Brussels, as a part ofthe tour of the Floriade 2012 World Horticulture Expo. The Floriade is a decennial event held in the Netherlands, highlighting the important role of horticulture in improving the quality of our everyday lives.

More than 160 acres of theater in nature and 98 acres of show grounds are staged in the Netherlands every 10 years to create a multicultural and multidisciplinary showcase of horticulture and agriculture.

Heidi toured each of the five theme worlds created for this event, which included:

  • Education & Innovation: Acknowledging the interaction between education and innovation in horticulture
  • Environment: Highlighting the contribution 'green' can make to the quality of home and work environments
  • Green Engine: Horticulture is the engine driving our economy
  • Relax & Heal: Demonstrating the positive influence horticultural products have on our spiritual and physical well-being
  • World Stage: Horticulture as inspiration for art & culture.

The global trends and advances in everything from green office spaces, to healing gardens, edible gardening, vertical gardening, green roofs, and walls of shells or rock made for healing and energy were affirming and inspiring.

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