FARGO - The campus of North Dakota State University (NDSU) has been evacuatedfollowing a bomb threat.

An alert for staff and students was posted on NDSU's website:

"NDSU is requiring all employees and students to leave campus by 10:15, including residence halls, downtown buildings and agricultural facilities. NDSU received a bomb threat, prompting this evacuation. Updates will follow. Do not call local emergency numbers to permit emergency lines to remain open for emergency calls."

Agents with the Fargo FBI office say the threat was delivered via phone. Agents are working with state and local authorities to assess the situation and determine if the threat is credible or a hoax.

Patrick Schmiedt from the NDSUCommunications Department saysthe ordered evacuation created a huge traffic jam when everyone left campus, but he noted that the evacuation itself was quite orderly.

In fact, authorities commended everyone on campus for the evacuation, which reportedly took just 30 minutes.

More than 14,000 students are enrolled at NDSU, a good number of them from the Twin Cities area.

The Fargo Inforum says two other bomb threats were reported this week in the region. One closed access to Hector International Airport in Fargo and another was reported at the Grand Forks airport.

The news from Fargo follows a similiarevacuation at the University of Texas.UTposted a notification on its website shortly before 10 a.m. saying people on campus should immediately evacuate all buildings and "get as far away as possible."

University of Texas director of communications Rhonda Weldon says the university received a call about 8:35 a.m. from a man with a Middle Eastern accent claiming to be with al-Qaida. The man said he had placed bombs all over the campus that would go off in 90 minutes.

Wheldon says all the buildings were evacuated at 9:50 a.m. as a precaution.

She says no bombs have been found.

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