DULUTH, Minn. - Lets face it, picking up a dead raccoon is not an attractive proposition, no matter how desensitized a person you are.

But residents of a Duluth neighborhood aredismayed that a road crew didn't stop to remove adead raccoon before performing their painting duties.

Patty Donaldson of Gnesen Township told theDuluth News Tribuneshe'd seen the dead raccoon in the roadway since early this week. She said she's been known to stop and gingerly pull a dead animal off the road, but didn't dare stop at this spot so near a curve and with only a narrow shoulder to pull onto.

That would have been a job for someone on a road crew with a pickup and flashing lights, she said.

"I'd think the foreman on that patrol should have looked through there for obstructions before they paint the road," she said.

But no onedid... and now there's a dead raccoon in the road with a painted stripe down his back.

"We're all God's creatures," Donaldson said. "For somebody to leave an animal lay like that and not move it over ... we have to have some sensitivity in this world."