HUDSON, Wis. - Aaron Schaffhausen, the man accused of killing his 3 children in River Falls in July, walked into a St. Croix County Courtroom without an expression on his face. He didn't react to one word of testimony, nor did he utter any words. He hasn't said a thing or shown any emotion during court hearings.

Attorneys in court argued over motions regarding evidence. It was during these arguments that Public Defender John Kucinski talked about the defendant. "I think he's trying to get people to realize how much he's hurting. We all know in divorce cases and child protection cases a lot of people say a lot of things," Kucinski told the judge.

The state had strong concerns about evidence getting out into the public domain as they talked about the graphic nature of some of the evidence. In the end, Judge Howard Cameron told the lawyers that both sides and their experts will have access to that evidence but that it must be highly secured so it is not viewed in the public.

Assistant Wisconsin Attorney General Gary Freyburg wouldn't say which members of the victim's family were in court, but he did say that each court appearance is trying. "Obviously they are devastated and this is a very difficult process, starting on July 10th. Every time we go back to court it hurts all over again," he explained.

Judge Cameron will consider motions on the suppression of a jailhouse interview following the arrest and the allowance of cameras in the courtroom in the coming months. Rulings will likely be offered in November and early December.