MINNEAPOLIS - With newresearch released this week regarding life expectancy, it's nice to know there are organizations fighting back.

"So many people spend their days at work and then go home to be healthy," says Amy Langer, co-founder of Salo, a financial staffing agency in Minneapolis, "but we have a chance to affect workplace culture now."

With video games, ping-pong tables and desks with treadmills located in the office, Salo's culture has always been a bit out-of-the-box, but they're adding to it.

"We're looking at a holistic approach to well being," says co-founder Gwen Martin. "It will take us further beyond what we can imagine."

Aside from healthy food and exercise, concepts like volunteering, committing to family dinners together, owning plants and attending worship services are all encouraged inside the walls of the workplace.

"I'm looking at my parents and how they're aging," says Martin. "I'd love to have a different outcome for myself."

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