EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn.- The Minnesota Vikings have already surpassed most external expectations for this supposed rebuilding season, winning games in a way that defies modern NFL convention.

They're not about to apologize for going against the grain, the rare team right now that stresses the need to become more balanced on offense by throwing the ball more rather than the other way around.

"I like it any time we win, however way we do it, you just like to win,"coach LeslieFrazier said. "I do believe you want to be a balanced team. You want to be able to throw the ball as well a run the ball effectively, but there are times where something is being taken away you have to be good in other areas."

Despite Christian Ponder's rough game and paltry 58-yard passing total, the Vikings were in control of Sunday's 21-14 win over Arizona.

Coach Leslie Frazier says his team is fortunate to be at a point where it can "make up for deficiencies in other areas." The Vikings are 5-2, thanks for Adrian Peterson's powerful running and a relentless pass rush by the defensive line.

"Over the last few weeks we've begun to see a lot more eight and nine-man fronts and we expect to continue to see that," Frazier said. "We'll have to hit some explosive plays down the field to offset that, to get people to loosen up a little bit."

Frazier said that Arizona did a good job of mixing their coverages.

"There were times they were two-high as well, but a lot more eight and nine-men fronts as the game went on, especially with us having the lead and running the football as effectively as we were," Frazier added. "We'll have to be able to exploit some of those single-high situations over time."

The Vikings host Tampa Bay on Thursday at the Metrodome, a game that will be aired locally on KARE 11.