MINNEAPOLIS - Holiday travel deals aren't very plentiful as the holiday season nears, but tickets are still available and if you shop strategically expert say you can still save money.

The first bit of advice is to closely consider when you travel. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after are the busiest travel days and the most expensive.

Travel experts say if you travel on Thanksgiving Day, you might be able to get a better deal.

Additionally, think of travelling home on either Saturday or Monday, when there is more room on flights and tickets are less expensive.

At Christmas, the price of a flight can increase up to 30 percent after Dec. 18. Again, traveling on the holiday itself might be cheaper.

Having to pay more for a flight may have more people considering a discount airline. As for Spirit Airlines, know this, if it doesn't fit under the seat you will pay extra for that carry-on.

Beginning Nov. 6, you will be required to pay $35 per carry-on if you pay when you book the ticket. If you wait to pay at the gate, the charge is $100 per carry-on.

Experts say if you can still find a seat on the dates you would like to travel, book it now, prices are not expected to get any cheaper as we get closer to the holidays.