GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - From magazines to television interior designer Nate Berkus personifies personal style.

Sunday was the much anticipated launch day for the Nate Berkus collection at Target. Every one of the 150 items offered has been influenced by the designer's world travels and life experiences.

Berkus started his design business when he was only 23. Now 41, his style has evolved, but his philosophy hasn't. He says his mantra is "always live with what you love."

"Stop listening to trends and other people. When you buy something, say, 'Will this really serve the purpose of what I want in my home and make me happy for a long time?'"

The designer was also at the Mall of America this past weekend to promote his new book, "The Things that Matter," featuring intimate stories, including childhood memories of growing up in the Hopkins area.

"I still have all the things I bought when I live in Minnesota. As a kid, I was the one buying candy and decorative boxes," Berkus said.

And then, there's the recollection of one of his darkest moments.

It was Dec. 27, 2004, when Nate contacted his mother in Minnetonka. While he and his partner Fernando were vacationing in Sri Lanka a tsunami devastated the country. Fernando didn't survive.

"When we're open to looking at things through another person's eyes, we become who we are because of them.," he said. "Fernando lives on in me and many of the design decisions made in the book."

These days, Berkus says good things are coming his way. Whether it's a line in Target or a new television show in the works, the world according to Nate Berkus is a beautiful place.

"I think everyone has a point of view and my point of view is that everyone should love how they live and want their home to tell the story of who they are," Berkus said.

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