MINNEAPOLIS - The anthem rock of yesteryear is rearing its ugly head on Marquette Avenue.

"We definitely feel the big guys coming after the little guys," food truck operator Cody Allen said Tuesday. He was talking about the stink being made about his truck's nameby the management of 1980's rock band Twisted Sister.

Allen runs the Twisted Sister House of Hunger food truck. The band Twisted Sister doesn't like that one bit.

Management for the bandis demanding the Minneapolis food truck change its name because the band claims people might confuse the two.

"I don't know how somebody can get a 20 foot aluminum box mixed up with an 80's rock band," Allen said.

Lawyers for the band sent the truck operators a cease and desist order weeks ago claiming consumer confusion will cost the aging rockers.

"We never refer to ourselves just solely as Twisted Sister. We are in the food industry not the entertainment industry," Allen said.

Allenhasn't decided yet about if he will back down to the boys who urged all of us not to take it anymore. While he decides, he will keep peddling his dogs downtown.

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