GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - In the 21st Century, trust is an increasingly elusive asset. A recent Gallup poll shows that America's confidence in nearly every major societal institution is declining. Collectively, we no longer trust major corporations, banks, government, the media, public schools, nor organized religion.

In the view of our guest today on KARE News @ 4, we are living and working in the biggest trust crisis of our time. David Horsager, Minneapolis-based business strategist and author of THE TRUST EDGE, offers tips for earning, maintaining, and rebuilding the most critical factor in every relationship - trust.

Horsager identifies these 8 pillars of trust:

  1. Clarity: People trust the clear and mistrust the ambiguous.
  2. Compassion: People put faith in those who care beyond themselves.
  3. Character: People notice those who do what is right over what is easy.
  4. Competency: People have confidence in those who stay fresh, relevant, and capable
  5. Commitment: People believe in those who stand through adversity.
  6. Connection: People want to follow, buy from, and be around friends.
  7. Contribution: People immediately respond to results.
  8. Consistency: People love to see the little things done consistently.
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