NEW YORK - Minnesota takes a lot of heat for being "flyover country," a landlocked place that lacks the glamour of big cities on the east and west coasts.

One advantage is that hurricanes and other tropical weather events don't have as devastating an impact on the midwest. In the case of Superstorm Sandy, the impact in the Gopher State will be minimal for Minnesotans... unless they somehow find themselveson the eastern seaboard for some reason.

That's the case with Amber Smoczyk of ForestLake, asophomore at New York University. Amber and her friends were trapped in their dorm as Sandy swept ashore, knocking out power for more than 8 hours.

TheSt. Cloud State women's hockey teamalso had its routine derailed bySandy. The team was supposed to return hometo Minnesota after a two-game weekend series, but was forced to stay in RhodeIsland when their flight became one of thousands that was cancelled.

The good news is that the team was able to re-book a flight home at 11:50a.m. Wednesday. That will allow players toattend classes Thursday and Friday, and host Ohio State Fridayfor their home opener.