ST. PAUL, Minn. -The Arden Hills Superfund site that lost out on the competitionto host a new Vikings stadium may be revving upto serve another purpose.

Minnesota Motorsports Development Group (MMDG), a Minnesota based motorsports consortium, is proposing to build a state-of-the art Motorsports Country Club. a multi-configured road course circuit with testing facilities and corporate gathering facilities.

A Shoreview city official tells KARE 11 that they have not had any discussions with the group and are unaware of any plans to develop the site.

MMDG also plans to develop an emergency vehicle operator training program to serve law enforcement and emergency vehicle operators from across the metro.

Scott Quick, President of Minnesota Motorsports Development. says the Arden Hills site came on the group's radar at the same time the Vikings were looking to build there. The two groups discussed cleaning up and developing the property together but after the Vikings shifted the team's attention to Minneapolis MMDG decided to go it alone.

"Bringing this site to a useable state is long overdue and our first goal," said Quick. "Beyond that, our group of automotive, business and industry professionals are prepared to move TCAAP forward."

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