ROBBINSDALE, Minn. - It's not unusual to wake up the morning after Halloween to find pumpkins smashed, leaves dumped, or some other prank that requires clean-up work.

But for residents of one neighborhood in Robbinsdale, Halloween vandalism took on a much more serious tone. Earl Clark walked outside his home near the intersection of Perry Avenue and 41st Street to go to work only to find tires on his and his wife's cars slashed.

"I think it could be kids doing Halloween, having fun in the moment, never anticipating how it can affect someone else's life, or how it can affect their life, especially if they get caught."

Robbinsdale Police confirm they are investigating a number of reports that include slashed tires, destruction ofpolitical signs, and other acts of vandalism. A KARE 11 photographer driving around the neighborhood found at least four vehicles with tires slashed.

Earl Clark was dismayed at the prospect of having to replace two tires and being late for work, but not surprised at what occurred.

"Anything can happen today, we live in those times, those days," Clark said. "You never know what motivates people to do what they do."

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