MINNEAPOLIS - A spokesperson for the Minneapolis Police Department tells KARE 11 that officers have received intelligence about a threat to the department.

A St. Paul City Council member says that the threat of retribution towards police from both "Twin Cities" comes from the Gangster Disciples; noting one of it's members was shot and killed by St. Paul Police.

Investigators say the alleged gang member rammed unmarked squad cars as St. Paul officers assisted Minneapolis Police with a narcotics investigation last week.

"It's a very serious threat," Minneapolis City Council Member Don Samuels said. Samuels is the chair of the council's public safety committee. "It makes us all, as residents, kind of have a heightened awareness of what they (police) go through and what we're paying these young men and women to do and that is to put themselves in harms way," he noted.

"But it makes it bad for our black youth," former Gangster Disciple member KG Wilson said. Wilson is now a nationally known peace activist who has dedicated his life towards stopping violence. He says he understands heightened police awareness, but he is still concerned about the community. "Anybody that may move suddenly or appear to be a threat to law enforcement may be shot or may be even killed because of this threat of violence towards police," he said.

VJ Smith, a popular community figure who also helps young men turn their lives around, hopes the conversation about the threat doesn't influence a lot of positive work that is being done. Smith is a vocal community leader with MAD DADs, which in part stands for "Men Against Destruction." "No, things aren't getting better, but we are putting up a good fight and we are teaching our young people the difference, and a lot of our young people are changing the direction in which they go. That is happening," Smith told KARE 11.

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