MINNEAPOLIS- Are you a novice in the kitchen or do youlive in your kitchen andwant to find out how to maketheperfect souffle! There is a cooking class for you offered in metro. The classes vary and some are participatory and others are show and tell. Most of them have the common theme of teaching you tasty tips and feeding you along the way.

Cooks of Crocus Hill cooking school has tons of great classes but here are two that they are recommending in the next few weeks.

14th Annual Thanksgiving Open House Saturday November 17, Mini Classes all day all threelocations.

Duck, Duck, Foie Saturday December 1, 9:00 am Grand Ave

Cooking the Market-Midtown Global Market

TheMidtown Global Market Cooking in the Markethas been voted "Best Cooking Class" by Minnesota Montly Magazine in 2011.

Cooking the Market is a completely-hands-on, inspired-by-the-season cooking class. We'll determine the menu on the spot based on what's fresh, new and interesting at theMidtown Global Market.This unique, high-energy class is perfect for meeting new people, bringing together a group of friends, celebrating special events...even group team building!

Join Chef Molly Herrmann of Tastebud Catering on this culinary adventure! Great for cooks of all levels of experience and knowledge - we please beginners and gourmets alike.

We'll start with a local cheese tasting course led by Grassroots Gourmet's Vicky Potts. Then we'll tour the Midtown Global Market, pointing out many great finds and ideas to spark inspiration for our creative meal. Then we cook. And, of!

Chef's Night Off

What do you get when you combine your favorite restaurant chefs in the Twin Cities, a fabulous non-profit, a bevy of fantastic "celebrity assistants" and a pretty kick-ass kitchen? Well, we like to call that Chef's Night Off.

Chef's Night Off is a limited-attendance cooking class led by the best restaurant chefs in our fair cities. Up close and personal. So fill up your glass, put on your apron and be prepared to get busy. Because YOU'RE doing the cooking. The menu will be created the day of the event so Chef can take inspiration from the seasonal goodies and international flavors of our Midtown Global Market.

Amazing, feel-good side effect? Your participation will help fund a donation toRenewing the Countrysidea wonderful local nonprofit that helps connect and strengthen rural communities including farmers, artists, entrepreneurs, educators and activists.

Mississippi Marketin St. Paul

offers affordable afternoon and evening classes anddemonstrations. Here are two greatclasses they have comingup in December

Yeast Gone Wild (Demo & Tasting)

Sourdough breads are the truly traditional breads, going back thousands of years. Sourdough takes patience, but it can be rewarding. Learn how to make your own starters and about their care and feeding. Get samples of starters to take home.

Wednesday, December 5 - West 7th store

6:00 - 8:00 pm $28/$25 members

David S. Cargo, St. Paul Bread Club

Knife Skills & Soup Making (Hands-on)

Learn how to keep any knife very sharp, try out inexpensive carbon-steel traditional Japanese knives, learn to easily cut and slice your cooked poultry before the big midwinter feasts, and apply your newly learned skills to soup-making. You'll learn how to build your soups by the layer, make one in class to enjoy, and bring home a wide variety of veggies for making your next soup. So bring an apron, an appetite, your kitchen prep knife, and a couple of fridge storage containers to carry home your share of the booty.

Saturday, December 8- West 7th store

1:00-3:30 pm $25/$23 members

Jan Grover

We also have class schedules available at our customer service desks at both stores. Preregistration is required for all classes and can be done online the link is above or over the phone by calling (651) 690-0507, or in person.

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