MINNEAPOLIS - It's not just meteorologists keeping a close eye on the Noreaster. Minneapolis based Target corporation has a stake in severe storms too.

Target has activated its "Corporate Command Center" at its downtown Minneapolis headquarters, where help goes into high gear in times of crisis. Employees have been watching the weather since the first sign of Hurricane Sandy, looking at logistics and radar from inside the company's emergency operations center.

The command center checks on fellow employees who may be victims, and redirects supplies for customers facing emergency. During Sandy, Target immediately shipped out necessities like water, batteries, flashlights and cleaning supplies.

"If you think about the events the Northeast just went through with Hurricane Sandy, we had an almost 200 stores impacted as the hurricane went through. What are striving to do is make sure our employees are safe as that hurricane passes through, and we are able to quickly reopen those stores once it is safe to do so to serve the needs of the local community," said Bryan Strawser, senior group manager in Target's global crisis management.

Strawser says the Target command center is activated during all types of disasters, from a store burglary, to recent unrest in the Middle East, anytime a response is necessary for Target's 365-thousand employees around the world.
No Target employees were injured during Sandy, and Strawser says the coastal stores affected had minor damage, allowing the company to focus on donations to the clean-up, as well as the overall emergency response.

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