GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - November is National Adoptionmonth. Unlike the recent past, most adoptions in Minnesota today are "open" adoptions in which birth parents select a home for their child and make a plan for maintaining some form of communication with the family.

Often times, families find one another online. International and domestic infant adoptions are on the decline nationally and in Minnesota.

Minnesota is unique in that there is an independent, one of a kind group to help educate about adoption as an option. It is calledAdoption Option Council of Minnesota and it provides adoption education to the public and support to those who choose adoption. (It is not affiliated with any political or religious organizations.)

Kate Gillen is a volunteer and board member at the organization. She appeared on KARE News@4 toshare her own experience with adoption.Kate got pregnant just out of high school and went off to college not telling her parents. She helped to select the parents for her son who is now 11.