GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - When the Vikings host the Detroit Lions at the dome on Sunday it will be a meeting of two teams trying to get or stay out of the cellar, while at the same time keeping their fading playoff aspirations alive.

The Vikings tamed the Lions in their first encounter, but with the team struggling on both sides of the ball the Vikes are counting heavily on a dose of dome-cooking to cure them of their ills.

When the Vikings beat the Lions in September, the game started with a kick return for touchdown by Percy Harvin.

Sunday however, Harvin, hobbled by a sprained ankle appears unlikely to play, or if he does that he may be limited.

If that's the case and the Vikes are without one of their only two play-makers. Viking fans had better be patient with an offense and a quarterback who is struggling and figures to continue to do so without a player of Harvin's caliber.

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