GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Thanksgiving is around the corner and many people are working on their dinner menu. But what are the perfect wine pairings to serve with a turkey dinner?

Dara Moskow Grumdahl, a contributor at, discusses tips on how to choose the perfect wines for Thanksgiving dinner.

Dara's Thanksgiving Wine Picks

The following wines will definitely put the thanks in your Thanksgiving. If your wine store doesn't have the exact match, ask for a substitution, but if you want to make your wine choice super simple, just serve a good Pinot Noir. It's the fail safe wine to pair with all Thanksgiving dishes.

Chandon (California) Blanc de Noirs Bubbly NV ($16)
A-Z Pinot Noir (Oregon) 2010 ($20)
MacMurray Ranch Pinot Noir (Russian River) 2008 ($26)
Zonin Pinot Noir (Italy) 2009 ($12)
Cono Sur Pinot Noir (Chile) any year ($12)
Domaine Serene (Oregon) very expensive, $70 or 85 depending, only get this if you want something expensive)