EAGAN, Minn. - Nicholas David's sweet sound just doesn't make any sense.

How can a 30-something Polish dude from Eagan be the vocal doppelganger for the 1970s prince of pillow talk?

"I think he just wants to share the gift he has really, this passion and soul," Nicholas' fiancée, Krista Balaski, explained Friday night.

For all of his years on this earth, Nicholas has followed his passion for music.

The journey landed him on the stage of NBC's The Voice in tinsel town and every night he gets his 15 minutes of fame.

But his heart is here at home.

"The hard thing for us was he was kind of the rock, always with the kids, the stay-at-home dad stuff, so we have been shaken up a bit by that," Krista said holding the couple's one-year-old son, Jacob.

To track the days until daddy gets home their 5-year-old son has a day-by-day chain going counting backwards.

And Krista, well, she missed out on a date.

"We had Oct. 20 of this year set so we had to pull the date," Krista said of the wedding that is now on hold.

That's the funny thing about a voice, it makes you miss things like weddings and sleepy sons.

Especially when it's one so big that has waited so long for its introduction to the world.

"I'm just so proud he is out there and getting his voice heard, so it's been a blessing up to this point," Krista said.