MAPLE LAKE, Minn. - It has been 10years since college student Josh Guimond went missing from Saint John's University.

He disappeared after leaving a campus party.

A massive search turned up empty. Now, ten years later, Guimond's family maintains he was taken against his will.

Surrounded by more than 100 friends, Josh Guimond's parents marked the anniversary with a prayer service on Saturday. But they say in some ways it felt like any other day.

Josh's mom, Lisa Cheney said, "Every day is hard to go through because you're always thinking about it."

Still, seeing everyone together at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Maple Lake, the church where Josh was confirmed, did bring them hope.

Cheney said, "Everybody's thinking about it too and that's the good part."

Josh's dad, Brian Guimond said, "Keep hope alive. Let people know he's still missing."

The only child for either of them, Josh's parents are aching to know what happened on November 9, 2002 when he disappeared during a three-minute walk back to his dorm from a friend's apartment.

Months of searches by authorities, friends, the National Guard, including searches of three lakes, came up with nothing. And they said there has really been nothing since.

At the prayer service, friends remembered the 20-year-old who was a good student, had dreams of Yale Law School and being a state lawmaker.

His parents hold out hope he's still alive.

Cheney said, "He's missing weddings he's missing his cousins having their babies he's missing funerals."

Brian Guimond said, "I got no reason to believe he's not alive."

All they want is some information that can finally change the pattern of the more than three-thousand six hundred painful days they've had so far.

Cheney said, "We're missing him and he's missing, you know, our lives going on. So that's really hard."

Family and friends of Josh Guimond have a website dedicated to finding him called Find Joshua. You can go there for more information and details on how to leave a tip.

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