MAHTOMEDI, Minn. - Janet Heinsch says the gust of wind that whipped up late Saturday night sounded like an airplane landing on her home.

"The whole house vibrated," recalls the 91-year old who lives alone. "It was like someone took it with their hands and shook it."

That powerful gust of wind which blew through at 11:30 PM knocked down a giant pine tree onto the home she's lived in her entire life. It buckled the roof and shook the foundation. The tree came down right onto Janet's bedroom.

"I was in the computer room," she said. "It's a good thing I'm a night owl."

Dozens of other trees in the neighborhood were also blown over. One fell on a car, while others fell on nearby homes, but Janet's was the worst hit.

"Someone was watching over me," she says.

The house is likely a total loss. Janet will stay with family for the days to come.

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