GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- Doing good helps you feel good, so this begs the question, why do so many families miss the opportunity to volunteer together?

Developmental psychologist and host of 'Mom Enough' Dr. Marti Erickson joined us on the KARE 11 Today Show to share some suggestions on how to take advantage of this teachable moment.

Dr. Marti says there is a lot of research which shows that volunteering is good for us at every age. Volunteering as a family is great because it adds value to family relationships, as well as setting patterns that will be carried forward to the next generation.

According to Dr. Marti, there are several ways parents can help their children get into the giving spirit at an early age:
1. Let your child do meaningful work in the home from the earliest age.
2. Engage your child in family problem-solving and decision-making.
3. Help your child choose an age-appropriate way to give to others.
4. Choose a service project for your family to do together.

Encouraging children to start helping at a young age gives them confidence and sets the stage for giving in bigger ways as they get older.

Dr. Marti says giving shouldn't start and stop with the holidays, but rather volunteering should become part of your family tradition.
For more information about family giving or Dr. Marti, please visit her website.

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