MINNEAPOLIS - It's not even Thanksgiving yet, but if you turn the radio dial to LOVE 105 you'll hear Christmas music.

"We were thinking about waiting until a little closer to Thanksgiving," says LOVE 105 program director Chris Rahn.

It was ultimately the listeners who pushed for a jump start.

"There is definitely a demand for it. There's a lot of people who just couldn't wait for us to do it," says Rahn.

So what about Thanksgiving? Each year, Christmas continues its steady creep into the November holiday.

The turkey won't even be cold when Target opens its doors this Black Friday. Following other retailers, Target will start the deals at 9 p.m. Thanksgiving this year.

Some Target employees have started an online petition to save Thanksgiving, but the company says it must make the move to be competitive.

All this Christmas spirit is causing some to wonder whether we're losing something else.

"Thanksgiving? What's Thanksgiving anyway," wonders Target shopper Chris Jenson.

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