ROSEVILLE, Minn. -If you have ever had your car broken into, you likely know all too well that sinking feeling.

"My heart sank and I couldn't figure out at first what they would have taken," said musician Jason Weismann.

Last Tuesday, Weismann visited a friend at the Lexington Apartments in Roseville. When he returned to his car, he found his window broken, and when he looked more closely, he realized what was taken.

"Why would somebody take music," questioned Weismann. "I would think to other people, that's my mind that's my heart, why would they want that."

Fifteen years worth of binders of music were sitting in the back seat in a burgundy cloth bag and were now gone.

Most of the music ismeaningless to somebody else, just lines, notes and marks, but pieced together, they're as meaningful as life to their creator.

"It's like I can't even put it to words it's like losing your family," said Weismann.

He still plays, but only the songs he remembers by heart.
He said he searched high and low for the bag, thinking somebody may have tossed it.

Now nearly a week later, he turned to Craigslist and offers a reward without any questions.

"I wouldn't even care if somebody thought, heck I made a mistake and just turned it in someplace," said Weismann.

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