MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - Tis' the season to stress.

Yes, the holiday race is on so the mandatory cooking, partying, traveling, shopping and family bonding days are here but there is one other task at hand.

Your job.

It is hard to focus amid the fracas and if you have a healthy workplace, the boss knows it.

Nancy Lyons is the CEO of Clockwork Media Systems and she says she practices flexibility for her staff year round.

"I think people have a rough time maintaining balance and I think it's important for the workplace to be cognizant of that and try to support them in it," Lyons said Tuesday.

The truth is right now we are all juggling, there isn't a way around it.

So, a healthy and productive worker is a worker getting some leeway.

"I think there should always be flexibility, the key to having a good employee is engaging the employee with positive energy, positive psychology," Organizational Psychologist, Ann Swanson said.

To be specific, this is the time of year flexible work hours should apply if the job site allows for it.

Because when people have so much to do, the hours have to be bent to do them.

The alternative of hard and fast rules only causes stress for the worker, and stress causes people to not think clearly and harbor workplace resentment.

An unclear angry mind is not a productive one.

Yes, boss women and men, you gotta shrug off the occasional holiday shopping on the clock for the next few weeks if the shopper always gets their work done on time anyway why sweat it?

"When you do your work is not as important to me as if it gets done," Lyons said.

In fact, according to the publication, Business News Daily, you should lax online shopping rules during the holiday season because it makes a worker more productive not less.

If you lock down the websites, employees might just jet out for "lunch" to shop which takes them away from work for much longer than allowing them to surf the web over lunch.

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