GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn.- A record Powerball jackpot is now up to $500 million and it's been a non-stop stream of people buying tickets all day.

"Chances are no one is going to win anything but it's fun to play and what if you happen to win," says John Casrgo, who's buying tickets for his office pool.

Office pools are a great way to increase your odds at winning but can also increase the potential for lawsuits.

"Generally when there is more money involved, the likelihood of disputes increases," says Minneapolis Attorney Adam Gislason.

He says the most important thing in an office pool is to put one person in charge and then write a contract with names, the amount contributed and shares of the winnings that each person is entitled to.

"The contract should be reduced in writing," says Gislason. "Email is great, a cocktail napkin, a paper towel, anything."

Back to John Casrgo, buying tickets for his office pool of 22 people. It turns out he's an accountant so he's already got the paperwork down.

"What I've done is listed out the names and I'm going to make a photo copy of all the tickets," says Casrgo.

Chances are he's not a winner.

But what if he is.