RAMSEY, Minn. -- Police in the west metro want to get more than 800 stolen items back to their rightful owners.

Ramsey Police Chief Jim Way said the items are sitting at his police station waiting to be claimed. Way said from July to October more than 20 homes in the West Metro were hit by Jerried Michael Curtis and an accomplice.

He said the two targeted empty homes during the day. The burglaries stretched from Ramsey, Big Lake Township , Coon Rapids, Anoka, Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Elk River, Big and Dayton. They'd take a pillow case from the home and fill it with as much stuff as possible and then they'd pawn what they could, according to Way.

"We know of at least $10,000 that they made from one pawn shop from gold and silver," he said.

Their stealing streak ended when they hit a home in Coon Rapids with the owner still inside. The homeowner was able to get a license plate number that led police to a house full of stolen property. Curtis has been charged with felony first-degree burglary and felony attempted first-degree burglary. His partner in crime is expected to be charged this week.

So far 40 victims have already gotten back some their items. Some have reclaimed rings, necklaces and the irreplaceable.

"We had another gentleman that was able to get a bracelet back. He was adopted and there was a bracelet that he had gotten from his natural mother that he had never met and he didn't ever think he'd see that bracelet again," Way said.

Chief Way said he wants more people to get their stuff back too. If you think you're items were stolen contact your local law enforcement agency that can help set up a showing.

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