ROSEVILLE, Minn. - While Powerball lottery tickets are sold at a record rate and as the jackpot grows, so too do the ways to purchase and play.

The Gas-N-Go in Little Canada is just one of eight other stations in the state to offer Minnesota Lottery's "Play at the Pump."

To purchase a lottery ticket at the pump all you have to do is insert your debit card. The pump will immediately ask whether or not you would like to purchase a ticket. For Powerball, you can purchase a minimum ofthree e-tickets or a maximum of five.

It will ask if you're 18 years old, if you would like to enter your cell phone number, and then your pin number. Finally, the receipt prints out and your numbers are right on the receipt. The only catch, for now, is that you cannot do it for the day of the drawing.

"We expect it to spread quickly if successful and so far it's been very successful with our pilot program," said MN Lottery's Ed Van Petten, executive director.

The lottery is also testing it out at a couple of dozen ATM's in the state.

There is one dollar surcharge for each transaction, but if you win less than $600, the money is directly deposited into your account.

But on this day, most of us are thinking about the half-billion or so.

"People's minds go crazy when you talk about that kind of money, this is the biggest it's ever been," said Gas-N-Go owner Tom Vogt.

To think, lottery officials are thinking even bigger.

"We got the number if the jackpot does roll," said Van Petten. They anticipate a $900 million jackpot.

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