BLUE EARTH COUNTY, Minn. - Authorities in Blue Earth County are searching for a mother accused of kidnapping her two children from a foster home.

Police say 2-year-old Isiaah Gandarillaand 4-month-old Iyanna Gandarilla were taken by their mother 21-year-old Reina Gandarilla who does not have parental rights over the children at this time.

A worker at the foster home called police around 5:30 p.m. last night to say Reina Gandarilla and thechildrenwere missing from the foster facility.Captain RichMurry said the mom and kids were staying at the same foster facility. He adds that authorities do not believe the children are in danger at this time.

While her location is unknown, sheriff's investigators believeGandarilla may be heading to Chicago, where she has relatives.

Iyanna Gandarilla is described by police as a Hispanic woman brown hair, brown eyes,5 foot 1 inches, and 175 pounds. Isiaah Gandarilla is described as a 2-year-oldHispanic male with light skin, brown hair and brown eyes. Iyanna Gandarilla is described as a 4-month-oldblack female with black hair and brown eyes.

The Mankato Free Press reports that Blue Earth County had taken temporary custody of Gandarilla's children, and placed them all in the rural Blue Earth County foster care facility with the goal of having Gandarilla retake custody of the children.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Reina Gandarilla and her children is asked to contact Blue Earth County authorities at (507) 387-5601.