MINNEAPOLIS - The search is on for hot gifts this holiday season and some are already selling out.

The Wii U by Nintendo is the first new game system in years and after selling 400,000 units in it's first week, it's virtually sold out nationwide.

For younger kids, Target and other retailers say Furbys have also been flying off the shelves.

"It's going to drive parents crazy. They're going to be difficult to find," says Laurie Schacht with The Toy Insider. "I know with the Furby, the purple and teal are particularly difficult colors to get your hands on."

At Minneapolis-based Creative Kidstuff, the staples like train sets are always popular with the little ones but for the first time this year they have also entered the hot field of electronics.

"We've been investigating electronics for many years," says spokesperson Happi Olson.

After a lot of research they finally settled on an Android tablet called the Meep. It's a tablet built especially for kids.

"It does come with a protective rubber coating so it's kid tough," says Olson. "Then also the parental controls. This is the only tablet that has that capability."

For older kids, Creative KidsStuff has had a hard time keeping Snow Racers, a suped up sled, on the shelves.

As the race to find the hottest toys intensifies, retailers are expecting a very rosy Christmas.

"Our shoppers are just so happy," says Olson. "There's a really great vibe about the holidays this year."