WHITE BEAR LAKE, Minn. - A group of White Bear Lake homeowners and business people has filed a lawsuit against the Minnesota DNR for what the group alleges is the agency's role in the city's disappearing lake.

In the lawsuit filed Tuesday in Ramsey County, The White Bear Lake Restoration Association referred to a recent study by the U.S. Geological Survey. That study concluded the lake's receding level is due not to drought, but to the doubling of pumping by surrounding cities from an aquifier below White Bear Lake. That pumping was approved by the DNR.

"[The] geological study states what it states. And the pumping has definitely created a problem for us," said Greg McNeely, chair of the White Bear Lake Restoration Association.

McNeely said the group is suing not for "monetary" purposes but to help find a solution to a problem that affects both homeowners and business people.

"[The lake] is almost six feet down. It's created really a lot of sadness in our community," he said, adding, "If we let it go for very much longer, it's going to go away forever."

Keith Dehnert, owner of Tally's Dockside and a nearby restaurant, hasn't taken a position on the case. He just agrees there's no time to waste in finding a solution.

"I don't care who caused it or what caused it. We need to come up with a solution to bring it back," Dehnert said.

A spokesman with the Minnesota DNR said the agency is not commenting on the case at this point, given that the suit was just filed on Tuesday. Chris Niskanen did indicate the agency would be filing motions related to the case sometime next month.

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