COLD SPRING, Minn.- At least a thousand people waited in line, some for as long as two hours, to pay their respects to Officer Tom Decker Tuesday.

Decker's family held a visitation at St. Boniface Church in Cold Spring five days after he was gunned down just blocks away.

"Their whole lives have changed in a matter of an instant," said Kevin Torgerson, the commander for the Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial Association.

And while Tuesday was most definitely about Decker's life and heroism, many people couldn't help but think about the other man that has captured the headlines, Ryan Larson.

"Now they released the guy today. So a guy doesn't know what to think," said Allen Stommes, a Decker family friend.

Authorities released Larson Tuesday morning after there wasn't enough evidence to charge him. Police arrested him not long after they alleged he gunned down Officer Decker last week.

Investigators, however still haven't been able to find the gun used in the shooting.

"How can you put a body to rest when there is no justice served," said Roxie Knowles.

Knowles' sister is Decker's ex-wife. She is the niece to theofficer's four young children.

"I just wanted to be here, I felt like I needed to be here," she said as tears welled up in her eyes.

"Letting him walk like this, letting him go home to his family, it is just not fair," added her brother, Ricky Pierskalla.

Bothwonder how their sister will tell her four children about Larson's release.

"The whole family is crushed and in tears, just so difficult for everybody," said Pierskalla.

Police did not release much detail Tuesday. In a statement authorities said there was not enough evidence to hold Larson, but the investigation continues.

"Investigators will not rest until we fully determine what happened the night of Officer Decker's death and bring to account those responsible," said Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Assistant Superintendent Drew Evans.

Larson's release has a lot of people in Cold Spring talking.

"It just seems people don't believe he had anything to do with this," said Sue Stommes, a Decker family friend.

She and her husband, along with many people showed up to the visitation with more questions than answers.

"A lot of things aren't adding up yet," said Allen Stommes.

"It will be hard to imagine what will be next for everyone," his wife added.

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