EDINA, Minn.--Edina public schools wants to bring more technology into the classroom.

In a newsletter sent home to parents the district announced that starting next semester the district wants all 9th graders to bring a personal learning device, like an iPad to class. Many parents sounded off on social media with concerns about families who can't afford one.

Superintendent Ric Dressen apologized Monday saying it's not required; rather it's a pilot program.

"We're not going to require that but we're going to work with families. Again part of dialogue is how to make sure all students have access, so it's not going to be a requirement but a partnership we're going to be developing with families to make sure all students have access to the technology to advance their learning," he said.

The superintendent said they are working with a vendor to offer devices at a discount as well as a plan for students to check-out devices from school.

About 30 percent of Edina students already bring their own devices to class.

More information will be available to 9th graders and their families during these meetings:

Tuesday, Dec. 11 - South View M.S. media center, 7-8 p.m.
Thursday, Dec. 13 - Valley View M.S. media center, 7-8 p.m.

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