COLD SPRING, Minn. - On the same streets he grew up on, the same streets he patrolled, 31-year-old Tom Decker made one last drive through the country side he so loved.

"All these people in honor of Tommy," said Mel Janssen of Cold Spring.

He along with thousands of people lined the streets to say goodbye to Officer Decker who was gunned down last week outside of a bar in downtown Cold Spring.

"The sight coming down the hill there, it's totally unbelievable," said Janssen who watched the massive processional.

More than 2,000 law enforcement officers from around the country and Canada helped escort the Cold Spring-Richmond officer to his final resting place Wednesday.

"I never realized visually what a big brotherhood it is. It's amazing and so sad," said Kari Robak, a native of Cold Spring who now lives in St. Cloud.

She showed up to pay tribute to the father of four young children.

"My heart just breaks for his family. It just seems so useless, such a useless thing that happened. It's no reason it should have happened," she said.

The processional started in Collegeville, made its way through Cold Spring not far from where Decker was gunned down last week, ending in St. Nicholas.

"Look at them all coming, wow," said Sharon Hall about the lines of squad cars. "They all came to say goodbye to a brother."

Hall stood along the street as part of the Patriot Guard. She works in the records department at the Hopkins Police Department.

"There's a hero going by me today. He won't be here anymore. I just hope it shows how much support we need to give our police officers," said Hall.

For the last part of the processional, horses pulled the casket to the St. Nicholas Catholic Cemetery, steps from where the Decker family worships on Sundays.

The day ended much like it began; a family and a town grieving.

"The whole thing is just so sad," said Robak.

Meanwhile, the investigation into Decker's murder continues. The police released the only suspect in the case Tuesday because of a lack of evidence.

Investigators continue to search for the murder weapon, which they believe to be a 20-gauge shotgun. They're asking residents in the area to keep an eye out for the weapon and if they see it, don't touch it. Instead, call 9-1-1.

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