ST. PAUL, Minn. --On Thursday morning, Nick Universe, otherwise known as Nickelodeon Universe, finally earned its name.

For one day the voice that is St. Nick's came home to adoring fans young and old, to proud parents who never tire with every sweet moment of this journey.

"I'm just shaking, it's just thank you America for this," Jennifer Mroinski, mother of Nicholas David, said Thursday morning moments before he played a short concert for more than 500 fans.

This is the surreal reality of Nicholas David.

Playing for hundreds on the Mall of America's playground.

It's a long way from playing bars back for a few dozen people just a few months ago and no one knows that more than Nick.

"I did a piano recital here (at the mall) when I was nine but never anything like this," he said in awe.

Never did fans beg for an autograph or scream his name.

Never did Nick dare assume this kind of stage.

"I'm just putting my faith in God and I'm just trying to do this thing you know," Nick explained to the crowd, fighting back tears.

And if a dream gets an encore Thursday's came by way of the bar, The Happy Gnome, in St. Paul.

Nick played there so many nights way back when and on Thursday evening went in to play again before jet setting back to Los Angeles to finish out his run on The Voice.

At the Gnome, his fans packed in ever so tightly.

If one didn't know any better it could have been mistaken for a church, because folks certainly did get to witness.

Witness a man who dared to dream of places so grand they may have only been real over some sort of rainbow until they became so, on this day.

"Such a day but to come home to y'all is real and I feel it in my heart," Nick said, before saying goodbye, until next time.

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