MAPLE GROVE, Minn. -- If retailers had a wish list there would be big hopes for a little something special.

Friday night's snow globe style precipitation is perfect for the shopping season.

"Nice during winter is this, this is the ideal," Wendy Thompson, General Manager of The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes said.

Perfect for outdoor frolicking at an outdoor mall.

Perfect for getting those frolickers wallets to open even more as somehow the dusting of snow psychologically makes you Santa instead of Scrooge.

"Yes, very good for holiday shopping. Makes you want to spend money and enjoy the weather," shopper Sandy Flanagan said.

But less is more.

Snow fell a little too much a couple of years ago at this very same mall and it wasn't festive, it was debilitating.

A lesson was learned by retailers wish big, for again, just a little.

"Snow is always good for the holiday, just a little bit, not too much," Tyler Conrad, owner of the gift shop GoodThings said.

Tyler says he lost nearly 20-thousand dollars in holiday sales due to Snowmageddon 2010.

In November and December, a massive weekend storm, can cripple a whole year's worth of work.

"The last 2 months, we make all of our money in the last two months," Conrad said.

That is why the sellers of all things holiday revel in the drizzle.

"This is wonderful, couldn't be better for us," Thompson said.

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