CHISAGO CITY, Minn. -- Family and friends of Danielle Jelinek spent Wednesday walking a county road in Chisago Lake Township, looking for clues that could explain the disappearance of the 27-year-old Oakdale woman.

"It was incredibly unusual for her not to answer her cell phone so we knew that something was wrong," Cory Jelinek, Danielle's sister, told KARE.

"My mom talks to her probably more than once a day. She lives with me. I see her daily. I talk to her at least daily. She's always in contact on her cell phone."

Danielle, a CottageGrove native and 2003 Park High Schoolgraduate,works at the Wells Fargo bank in Maplewood.

"She's a beautiful person, incredibly outgoing and charismatic and optimistic, kind and funny," Cory Jelinekremarked, explaining how out of character it would be for her sister to vanish without any word.

Daniellewas last seen Saturday night in Minneapolis with a 28-year-old man who lives in a rural subdivisionsouth of Chisago City.

"We saw Danielle's car there, so what we did is we got a search warrant for the house," Chisago County Sheriff Rick Duncan said.

Deputies found Danielle's purse, cell phone and shoes inside the house, but the man who lives there -- described as an acquaintance of Danielle's -- would notanswer questions about her disappearance.

For now, the man is being held on suspicion of drug possession, because the search of the housealso uncovered marijuana. "For now he's a suspect only in the narcotics case," Duncan explained.

"There's no evidence of foul play. We can't rule out foul play. Obviously there had to be circumstances for, reason for the search."

The searchers Wednesdaycovereda stretch of Chisago County Road 24, also known as Lofton Avenue. The sheriff said it was the area that a personwould've walked in Sunday's snow storm before eitherturning around or catching a ride.

"I'm hoping she's just went with someone in a car, and the car went off the road, got stuck, something like that," Kyle Goodson, Danielle'scousin told KARE.

"It's horrible to try and imagine where she could be, but the circumstances, unfortunately, are not leaving us as optimistic as I'd like to be."

"She was so happy and affectionate. And, anytime you needed anything or just wanted somebody to hang out with and talk to she was always there."

Sheriff Duncan said anyone with any information about Danielle's disappearance should call the sheriff's office main line at (651)257-4100.

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