WASHINGTON - With just 18 days to go, political gridlock at the White House remains.

On Thursday Speaker John Boehner said that unless President Obama makes concessions on spending cuts, Washington will go off the fiscal cliff.

"It's clear the President is just not serious about cutting spending, but spending is the problem," Boehner said.

The Speaker and President resumed face-to-face talks Thursday evening, the first time since Sunday.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid appeared frustrated at his usual Thursday press conference stating that progress is being stalled by Republican leaders, especially on the issue of raising taxes on the richest 2 percent.

"They will not agree to money. The only people in America that think the richest rich shouldn't have to pay more money are the Republicans," said Reid.

Locally, Governor Scott Walker told KARE 11 Sunrise he's still hopeful for an agreement.

"They haven't completely dug in on either side of the concepts they've had, which to me is a signal that there's some maneuvering. It's like a high stakes chess game," Walker said.

As the debate goes into the 11th hour a recent NBC News and Wall Street Journal poll shows 70 percent of Democrats and 59 percent of Republicans urge compromise. However, the poll found the public is evenly split on if that will happen.

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