MINNEAPOLIS - An alleged Minneapolis gang member is charged with second degree murder in the beating death of man back in November.

Deandre Montrell Stokes, age23, is being held in the Hennepin County Jail awaiting trial. He is the second man charged in the brutal beating death.

Squads from the Minneapolis Fourth Precinct were called to a home on the 3300 block of Girard Avenue North November 17 on reports of an assault. When they arrived they found an adult male victim unresponsive, not breathingand bleeding severely.First responders arrived and quickly determined that the male was dead.

Officers at the scene identified several witnesses and learned there were several Crip gang members present during the altercation with the victim.

Those witnesses reported that several males, both adults and juveniles, were sitting around the kitchen table when the victim and another male entered the residence and walked downstairs. Police were told the males at the table stood up and ran downstairs, grabbed the victim, punched and kicked him, andthen dragged him upstairs and out of the back door.

Once outside, witnesses told officers that three males were jumping off a retaining wall onto the victim, who was laying on the ground. At the time witnesses provided only nicknames of the three assailants.

Investigators from the Minneapolis Police Department's Homicide Unit checked various gang databases and photographs and were able to determine the actual names of the suspects. Witnesses were shown a picture of Stokes and they were able to identify him as one of the suspects. Members of the Violent Criminal Apprehension Team members arrested Stokes days later.