BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. - Hennepin County Sheriff's deputies spent Friday drilling their response to an active shooter incident.

"This is stressful training," said Lt. Steve Tait. "This is as real as it gets."

At Hennepin County Technical College, deputies surround a training facility building and enter through the door with guns drawn. The exercise is a high-intensity drill in which a suspected shooter must be apprehended and the building must be cleared.

The training is done on a regular basis, but in light of mass shooting incidents, these exercises take on a more serious tone.

"Anytime we see an incident occur like this around the country, it's a good reminder for us that we need to be prepared every day," says Lt. Tait.

Early next year, law enforcement officials from Aurora, Colorado will meet with staff at the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office and provide further training on how to deal with incidents like the one at the Aurora movie theater.

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