ST, PAUL, Minn. - A St. Paul man faces more than two decades in prison after being found guilty Friday for his role in the gang rape of a teenager.

A Ramsey County jury issued their verdict on Mang Yang's 25th birthday. Jurors also found the existence of two aggravating factors which elevates the potential guideline sentence of 24 years in prison.

A criminal complaint issued again Mang Yang said he picked the 14-year-old victim and a friend up from school the afternoon of November 17, 2011, and took them to a party where the girls drank alcohol.Members of the group, some of whom police say belong to the True Blood 22 gang, then went to an abandoned home on White Bear Avenue where the party continued.

At one point, the victim told police she and her friend asked Yang to leave the party and take them home. At that point, she says, two juveniles followed her to Yang's vehicle, picked her up and carried her back inside to a bedroom, where she was gang raped.

The teen told police she screamed at Mang Vang to help her, but he said he had to go.

Ramsey County Attorney John Choi released the following statement following the verdict.

"We are pleased with the jury's verdict, which sends an important message to a bright and beautiful girl who is making progress from being a victim of a brutal gang rape to a survivor, her family and to other girls and women who have been sexually assaulted. This community will hold those who perpetrate acts of sexual violence accountable for their crimes and we stand and support victims of sexual assault."

"I am moved by the courage of this young girl and her family to come forward, which was not an easy thing to do for a number of reasons that we as a community need to address in the future," Choi continued."Our resolve to enforce the community standard that you don't gang rape others and our vigorous pursuit of justice for the victim and her family in the remaining cases will continue until justice is fully accomplished."

Mang Yang's sentencing is set for February 27.

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