RAMSEY, Minn. - The holiday spirit has taken a hit in a pair of neighborhoods in Ramsey.

Police believe mail was stolen from at least 30 homes in two townhome complexes.

Lisa Spah, wrapping gifts in her home on Saturday, said she will still be giving this holiday season. But the thieves have made sure she and her kids won't be receiving.

A grandmother's gift ended up in the wrong hands this Christmas.

Spah said of her son, "Here you have a 15-year-old who is not getting his Christmas present from his grandma."

Spah knows she is missingthat check from her son's grandmother and a couple of other gift cards. But she doesn't know what else.

One of the townhome complexes where mail was stolen is at Highway 47 and Alpine Drive. The other is just off of Sunfish Lake and Bunker Lake Boulevards.

Spah said, "Right at this moment I have three Christmas cards and usually at this time of the year I have a stack of them."

It was actually Elk River Police who discovered the crime, saying someone called them to report finding two bags full of mail at the end of a driveway on the 16500 block of Highway 10.

The mail that was found in those bags was brought to Ramsey Police who then gave it back to residents Saturday.

All that police found for Lisa were a few bills.

Laughing, she said, "It's like thanks for the bills."

Police have no suspects yet.

Spah worries they took more than Christmas gifts.

She said, "My accounts hopefully haven't been compromised."

Ramsey Police have this advice. Don't send anything valuable from your mailbox, and if you can't get your mail for a few days, have your mail held.

Spah may get a P.O. Box.

But she said, "We're not going to let it ruin our Christmas."

She's going to enjoy what the mail thieves couldn't take away.

She said, "Christmas is really about being together spending time with your family."

An officer with Ramsey Police was not able to say on Saturday exactly when the mail was stolen or over what period of time, but she did say much of the mail retrieved appeared to be stolen on Monday.

Spah believes the thefts occurred more than once because she said her mailbox has been empty at least twice in the past couple weeks.

If you have any information about the mail thefts, please contact Ramsey Police.

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