Happi Olson from Creative KidStuff joined KARE to talk about fun ways to enjoy ringing in the New Year with the whole family.

Here are some fun, kid and family friendly ways to celebrate the event all together:

  • Set up a mocktail bar: serve fancy mocktails in cocktail glasses complete with stir sticks and maraschino cherries.
  • Serve appetizers straight from the kids menu: fruit kabobs, finger sandwiches, and jello jigglers.
  • Entertain with fun and games: award little inexpensive or re-gifted prizes to the winners
  • Make a creative crown: upon finishing your crowns pose for a royal family photo
  • Set goals instead of resolutions: focus on something kids can do in 2013 instead of something they can't
  • Ring in the New Year: make a lot of noise with anything you can find, including pots and pans!