MINNEAPOLIS - Green and gold have trickled into enemy territory on the eve of the season finale.

"We're on our first road trip," says Dave Kalmus, a long-time Packer fan from near Green Bay. "This will be a triumphant victory for us."

Kalmus, along with fellow Packer-backers, are in town for Sunday's game, a game that means playoff positioning for the Packers, but everything for the Vikings.

"I predict 34 to 30 Packers," says Dave. "I will have no voice left. I'll be louder than the horn."

Minneapolis bars and restaurants are gearing up for big crowds filled with fans from both sides.

"It's all hands on deck," said Breanna Evans, bar manager at The Herkimer. "It will be standing room only."

Tickets for Sunday's matchup at Mall of America field are being sold for much more than face value. Two tickets in the lower bowl are going for $300 to $1,000.

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