MINNEAPOLIS - Uptown is known as a place to shop, eat, and meet for a drink.

But it's more than that to those who live there.

It's a neighborhood where neighbors genuinely look out for each other, especially, when trouble arises like it did yesterday when a fire struck on a Lake Street condominium complex.

"I was watching it burn and the whole time I was watching it I was thinking about all of the people I knew in there, thinking about all of their stuff and then I saw them on the street, pretty hysterical," Dunn Brothers on Lake Street manager Jeff Rolfzen said Saturday afternoon.

On this day, it's just a pile of rubble for passersby to take a look.

An afterthought, a cautionary tale. That's what it is to some, but not, all.

To the neighbors, it's a reminder, to keep fighting the fire.

"All of us have been talking, the customers, about what we can do to help," Rolfzen said.

At Dunn Brothers, the plan of "what" hasn't gelled yet but it started this morning small, but sure.

"One of the guys who lives there came in this morning and he didn't know what to do so I just gave him a cup of coffee and told him to have a seat and to let me know what I can do to help," Rolfzen said.

A similar story can be told right across the street.

For at least the next week, every meal a victim of that fire needs is on the house at Amore Victoria and early next month, they will do a little bit more with a fundraiser.

"All of our proceeds are going to go to the fire victims that night, a whole bunch of silent auction items as well," Amore Victoria manager Erin Pugh said.

One would assume that in place like Uptown, where residential bumps into commercial, and vice versa, neighborly graces just don't exist.

But the fact is, they do.

In good times and bad, they do.

"It's tough we want to help them; they would do the same for us," Pugh said.

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